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We Manage Your Brand Relationships So You Don't Have To!

Once upon a time, there was this awesome content creator. She wanted to focus on what she did best, shoot killer photos and videos and write about her favorite places and products. 

She knew she wanted to get paid for her work because free product doesn’t keep the lights on, but she didn’t know how.  So, she hired us! And we stepped in to help her find contacts for decision-makers, build relationships with brands and PR agencies, and secure contracts that paid her for her work because we don’t do free product around here. 

In the end, we landed the contract, she collected her coins and everyone lived happily ever after!

Calling All Blogger's, Instagramer's, TikTok'ers & Youtuber's

You’re the Queen of social media. You slay on TikTok and the gram and your blog is popping. Your pitching and negotiating game, however, is on the struggle bus, and that’s where we come in.

We’re here to help manage the business side of your content creator business while you work on the creatives. Maybe you need help finding contacts and reaching the people who cut checks. Or, maybe you’re struggling with what to charge or fold when it comes to negotiating.

That’s okay, we got you!

We’re a content creator consulting agency whose main mission is to help you become self-employed while doing what you love.

We build relationships with brands so you don’t have to!

Here are answers to a few questions we know you're dying to ask.

Have more questions? We have answers. Schedule a discovery call with us to go over additional questions. 

We price our monthly pitching service on a draw. We charge $500 per month OR 20% whichever is greater on any and all partnerships we close or assist with closing.

We require a 90-day commitment for all new clients.

You are welcome to go month-to-month after the first 90 days

We use a draw method for our pitching services. What this means is you will be billed $500 per month for services OR 20% commission on any deals we close (whichever anount is greater). 

For example. If it’s a slow month and we are unable to land you a brand deal you pay a flat fee of $500. This fee goes to cover the cost of pitching your account plus my time. 

If you have an amazing month and we close $20,000 in brand deals then your commission would be $4,000.00.

We bill all accounts $500 on the first of each month. All Commission is paid net 7 days after the brand has paid you minus the $500 you were already billed.

For example if you owe $4,000 in commisison you will pay $500 on the first of the month and $3,500 7 days after the brand has paid you. 

We understand brands pay net 30, 60, 90+ and we do our best to negotiate shorter payment terms so that we both get paid in a decent amount of time. 

Absolutely! If a brand reaches out to you with an offer and you would rather us handle it, simply forward it to your account manager and we can take it from there. Please keep in mind any partnerships we assist with will be charged a 20% commission. 

We require that all of our pitching clients have

  • A minimum of 5,000 followers.
  • An amazing eye for shooting lifestyle content.
  • Have the ability to shoot photos & video.
  • Have worked with brands in the past via networks or direct.

We work with content creators in all niches except for travel at the moment. We have however found that content creators who create lifestyle content typically get more opportunities. 

Yes! As long as you meet all of our other requirements in the “I’m a new content creator will you work with me?” section. 

 You will need a parent or guardian 18+  to sign all of our contracts.

Yes! Having a blog is not a requirement for us however since we highly recommend owning your own platform we will probably keep bugging you about it.  We do require all of our creatores to have a business Instagram and TikTok account. 

Unfortunately No. At the current time, we can only work with content creators who are based in the United States full time. 

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Let's Have a Virtual Glass of Wine
and Talk About Brining You On As A Client

I signed up for the "Monthly Pitching" service just to try it out. I had planning on giving it 3 months but didn't even have to wait that long. It took Courtney 3 weeks from start to finish to pitch me and land my first partnership with them.

Courtney helped me land a $8,000 contract. The biggest I have ever landed since I started this 2 years ago.

Michelle Clark, Fitness & Lifestyle Content Creator


Heres How We Can Work Together

Let Us Pitch For You

For content creators who want to be 100% hands off. We pitch brands and PR agencies daily on your behalf and negotiate your contract and delvierables for you. Only hear from us when we have a contract.

Let's Close The Deal

A brand slides into your inbox with a partnership and asks for your rates and you freeze. Don’t worry, we can take it from here. We can draft your responses and negotiate for you and they won’t even know its us.

We've Got The Contacts

Need help finding a contact? How’s that pitch letter and follow up email looking? If you want to be hands on for the most part but still need a little help, we’re here for you and can step in whenever you need up.