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“I quit my nursing job after landing my first brand campaign. It paid $250 and was a press trip for a hotel brand. Everyone thought I was crazy but at the time, all I needed was to see if I could make money in this space. The rest I would figure out along the way.


Seven years and over 500+ paid brand campaigns later I have grown this leap of faith into a six-figure business that allows me to do what I love, travel the world, and spend time with my daughter. As a single mom, this was the BEST decision I ever made”!




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I’ve always had a love for Branding, Marketing and PR (so much so I have a degree in it). I left the marketing industry because the 9-5 world was just not for me. I had a passion for travel and I needed a career that gave me both financial and creative freedom.

I stumbled upon content creation while working as a wound care nurse. I had finally found a career that allowed me financial freedom. I could set my own schedule and I had the time and money to explore the world. 

I loved sharing my travel experiences with people across social media and one day my content caught the eye of a hotel brand. They contacted me and asked if I wanted to spend the weekend at their resort in exchange for $250, plane tickets, and a free stay. 

After doing some research to make sure it was legit I jumped at the opportunity. I was blown away that people were actually making money from this. It dawned on me that I had just discovered my dream job and I was dead set on making this work. 

A month later I went on my first “press trip” and 3 days after that, I quit my full-time job as a nurse. Yes, absolute INSANE I know (and not something I would recommend but, I can sometimes be a tiny bit impulsive). 

At the time, all I needed was to see I could make money in this space.  I needed one brand to take a chance on me, the rest I could figure out along the way. 

Well, seven years and over 500+ paid brand campaigns later and I have turned this leap of faith into a six-figure business that allows me to do what I love, travel the world, and spend time with my daughter.

Sure, some could say my degree in marketing and public relations helped (and it might have a tiny bit), but I know the true secret to my success and it’s one simple thing, I know business!

 Being a content creator was not my first rodeo in the world of being an entrepreneur. I had owned two very successful businesses prior.

If nothing else, I knew I had an amazing gift of being able to think out of the box when it comes to growing a business. Another skill I had was my amazing ability to research. After I launched my blog I spent months and months deep-diving into anything and everything content creation related. I was determined to learn it all.

I lived and breathed this business for over seven years and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve tried things that were epic fails and I’ve tried things that have made me thousands. 

Throughout the whole process, I remember thinking, I wish there was someone I could go to who would take me under their wing and reduce the learning curve. There had to have been a shortcut I was missing.

Well, although I didn’t have a shortcut during my journey, you now do! 

I designed my consulting agency around everything I wish I had when I first started:

  • A place where you can access free resources and tools for when you’re just starting out and still trying to decide if this business is for you.
  • A place to access step-by-step video courses for when you’re ready to launch your brand and start making money.
  • A place to get one-on-one coaching with someone who lives and breaths this business when you have specific questions that need to be answered in order to reach your goals.  
If you’re willing to put in the work, I’m willing to show you how to be successful! 
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